The Antons are here!
The pets
Book 2

In the second book of 'The Antons are Here!' - Personal Development series, the Antons' pets are introduced, including their names and the sounds, calls and noises they make

e.g. This & That - th! Chop - ch! Wish - sh!

Some of the words used in this book no longer sound in the lower phonetic singular. 

So, when a new sound is required e.g. “then” (no longer phonetic sounding, instead a
high frequency word), you can remind your child that the words “this” and “that” make
a panting sound - th, th, th, and when you see these two letters together, that is the sound
they’ll need to make.


Learning with the Antons and their pets is fun, and when it’s fun, it’s easy!