Left Brain – Right Brain

It has been shown by a number of psychologists that the two halves of the brain have different functions. Tony Buzan was one of the first to show that a balance in use of the brain can benefit learning. If the left and right brains are used in harmony thinking becomes balanced and learning becomes easier.

The left brain function in general terms
tends to look after logic and factual
matters while the right brain tends to
deal more with imagination.

Why is it that psychologists and exponents of positive mental attitude do not consider children. Is it because they are frightened by the speed at which young minds work or do they think that children will not be able to accept ‘adult’ ideas?

During the first 10 years, or so, of life our brains are still growing and expanding, absorbing as much information as can be pushed into it. Indeed during the first few months of life we learn to understand language and, if in a bilingual household, more than one. We discover walking and control of our limbs also to talk think and in the case of little girls, how to wind Daddy round their little fingers.

It is also in these early years that a number of our personality traits
are learned, our morals and beliefs.


If learning is fun or simply part of the accepted norm then things are absorbed and come easily which means that if we use our imagination to learn, or if learning is an enjoyable fun experience, things are remembered more easily and retained into adulthood. If you think about it: there are things you do today that you learned or began doing as a child and have never changed.

How many people still recite their tables until they get to the multiple they want or still use a silly rhyme to remember a spelling, or how many days there are in each month? If asked how many days in May how many people can simply answer 31 without reciting the rhyme they learned at school in childhood.

Learning is fun

The answer is to make the basics of learning fun using stories and characters whether that is spraying friends with a water pistol or Jig-Jag with her letter J teaching us about personal hygiene. I suggest it is easier to learn from Jig-Jag than Mum and Dad and it shows the many uses for water, for fun and cleanliness.