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The Antons are Here! are Self-publish eBooks and paperbacks book with Kindle Direct Publishing.
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Personal Development Series

4 Books to help your child developing their reading skills. 


The Antons start with simple letters and their sounds to build up to wonderful short stories about how they live their life.


The books have brightly coloured covers and each book has full page colour illustrations.

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Adventures Books Series

The Antons are friendly aliens who like to educate children by taking them on exciting adventures in the past, present, and future. Between facts and fiction, follow the Antons through the Magic Zone…

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The Ultimate Challenge

With the help of The Antons, can the Earth children face the Ultimate Challenge and learn to look after each other and our beautiful planet Earth? The Ultimate Challenge - the first novel in The Antons series of personal development books for children - is a tale designed to build confidence in your child.