The Ultimate Challenge:
A life-changing story for children that every adult should read.

The Antons are friendly alien children who are time and space travellers.
They are here on planet Earth on a special mission, as the planet they live on is failing due to its ozone layer being depleted by the sun’s rays.

The Antons and their race need a new home and have travelled the universe to find a suitable planet. The planet Earth (where you probably live!) is perfect for their needs, but while time traveling, they have discovered that the human race is destroying itself, misunderstanding how to treat one another and their wonderful planet, Mother Earth.

No need for concern! The Antons are here to help educate Earth children in positive attitude and mental wellbeing. Learn to rise to the challenge, not to see it as a problem. Learn to be concerned about a situation but not to harbour a worry.

With the help of The Antons, can the Earth children face the Ultimate Challenge and learn to look after each other and our beautiful planet Earth? 

The Ultimate Challenge - the first novel in The Antons series of personal development books for children - is a tale designed to build confidence in your child. Whether they are already familiar with The Antons through the phonics or colouring books, or whether this is a completely new adventure, your children are sure to love meeting the friendly Anton children and accompanying them on their Ultimate Challenge, developing their confidence and self-belief while saving planet Earth!